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Tuesday December 5th, 2017 in General

Cafè Lingua

We already know that the tandem consists of two people who work together towards a single goal. But what about a trio? Or even a whole group?

Just because your partner can’t meet on a particular day or because you want to try separate activities doesn’t mean that you have to leave the tandem, not at all. You can participate in the activities that the weekly Community Envolment is preparing for tandems and for anyone who wants to practise languages. We’ve got loads of them…

Tandem on Wednesdays: come and practise languages with a whole group!
Tandem on tour in the faculties

What do you get from these activities? A chance to meet other language pairs, to hear different accents, to share learning, etc. All of these are elements that will help you stay motivated to learn languages in the tandem format.

You can join us every Wednesday, from 3pm to 5pm, we’ll meet in Sala Annexa (close to the Hotel d’Entitats), in the first floor of the restaurant building in Plaça Cívica. Ready to roll?

Types of Tandem: Virtual or Face-to-Face

Friday November 24th, 2017 in General


Today we’ll be talking about face-to-face tandems versus virtual tandems. What are the advantages and disadvantages for you? Here are some of the advantages of each. Can you help us complete the list?

Face-to face Tandems:
– Direct contact with your language partner.
– Greater diversity of activities.
– Chance to use the free time that coincides with your tandem: lunchtime, between classes or while traveling by train to get to campus.
– Easier to organise sessions with other tàndem pairs.

Virtual Tandems:
– Regardless of where you are, you can carry out the activity. You just need a phone or a computer, even if you’re on the other side of the world!
– An infinity of resources on the web for activities; it’s not just talking or writing!

What option do you prefer? Why not combine them both?

What do I Need to Know if I Want to Do a Tandem?

Friday November 3rd, 2017 in General


You want to improve a language and have decided to look for an informal activity that allows you to be in touch with people and practice directly with a native or who has a good German, Swedish, English or Catalan level.

Looking through Internet you’ve seen that there are language tandems and they look interesting… You find that you have plenty of options and places to do them, and in your university too!

But what’s the best option for you: a face-to-face tandem or something virtual? Or perhaps a programme that gives you the option of doing activities with other language couples? To find out, consider issues such as these:

– The free time you have between classes and work and the time that you want to give to this.
– The place where you would like to do the sessions.
– The goals you have in mind for the activity.
– The timing of the activity.

These questions will help you work out whether you want to do a virtual tandem, or in-person sessions, or ones with extra activities that include other couples, etc. On the tandem website we explain these options more fully so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The most important thing is your OWN MOTIVATION to participate, regardless of the particular choice you make.


Monday October 23rd, 2017 in General


I’m alive up ahead,
But behind me I’m dead.

Who am I? That’s right: Time!

Time, the thing that we all want and that sometimes happens too fast and sometimes too slow. We all have it, but it’s not always easy to know how to manage it so as to meet obligations and wishes.

In activities such as tandems, the continuity of activity is often affected by a lack of time. We don’t have time to stay, we can’t find time to meet … Is there a solution? Here are some recommendations:

1. Don’t panic! First of all, before giving up the activity, look at your alternatives: if we can’t communicate in person, then maybe we can do something virtually, through social networks … The most important thing is not to lose contact!
2. If you really want to do something, then you will. When we’re motivated to do an activity, it’s easier to find the time to do it.
3. Be realistic about the time that you and your partner have. Don’t arrange to meet for hours and hours if you actually can’t do that. It’s important to be constant and you need to adapt yourself to your needs and availability.
4. Quality is more important than quantity. If you arrange to meet once a week, take full advantage of it! Put it into your calendar, just as if it were a gym class or a practice session with your band.
5. Take advantage of the activities that you already do and the journeys you already make. Who said that you can’t play tennis while speaking German?

And now put these idees into practice and tell us if they’re useful for you.

Unitat de dinamització del Servei de Llengües


Tandem goes to the cinema

Monday October 16th, 2017 in General

Do you want to practice Spanish? Wednesday 18 October at 3 pm we will show  the film EVA by Kike Maíllo in VOS. Also, there will be a teacher from the Language Service to talk about the film and about the language used. We will meet in  in Sala Annexa (close to the Hotel d’Entitats), in the first floor of the restaurant building in Plaça Cívica.

YouTube Preview Image

What is a language tandem?

Friday October 6th, 2017 in General


The Institute of Catalan Studies defines tandem as a bicycle for two or more people placed one behind the other.

These people pedal together towards one goal. And that’s exactly what the language tandems aim to do: to pedal away jointly to improve their mastery of the language being learned. I help you and you help me, and we move forward at the same time.

Tandem learning also allows you to exchange cultural aspects in an informal and corresponding manner.

Do you think it’s a good way to improve the language you’re learning? Perhaps you’ve arrived at the UAB and would like to practise Catalan or Spanish with local students?

This forms part of the UAB language-tandems programme and it facilitates your participation in the activities that we offer and that will allow you to practise languages and exchange cultural knowledge.

Unitat de dinamització del Servei de Llengües

(Català) Torna el tàndem!

Tuesday September 13th, 2016 in General


Tandem Programme is back!

Tàndem offers you the opportunity to practise different languages and get to know other cultures and ways. In addition, the Tàndem Programme allows you to participate in other language-related activities.

The start of Tandem’s activities, will take place during the week of the International Welcome Days (IWD’s), with the presentation of new activities and the arrival of new International Students.

Where? Sala d’actes from l’Àgora Building.

When: Wednesday 14th September at 3 pm.

Hope to see you there!

Tàndem Wednesdays: group talk

Tuesday May 17th, 2016 in General

Tomorrow, 18 May, we come back with Tàndem activities to continue practising languages. As you know we will meet at 15 h in Sala d’Actes from L’Àgroa Building. LAST ACTIVITY OF THE CURRENT ACADEMIC YEAR!


Tàndem Wednesdays: group talk

Wednesday April 27th, 2016 in General

Today as every Wednesday we come back with Tàndem activities to continue practising languages. As you know we will meet at 15 h in  Sala d’Actes from L’Àgroa Building.

2014-10-08 15.42.06

Tàndem Wednesdays: group talk

Tuesday April 5th, 2016 in General

Tomorrow as every Wednesday we come back with Tàndem activities to continue practising languages. As you know we will meet at 15 h in  Sala d’Actes from L’Àgroa Building.
And remember that and on Thursday at 13 h we will meet again in the class 207 from the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting.


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